At Publissoft, you will be able to develop your passions and your creativity, because your ideas count. You’ll have the freedom to work in the comfort of your own home!

Do what you love! Create the future you want within a team where you will have a lot of fun.

We have great respect for work-life balance. Here you are the master of your own time.

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Are you interested in becoming a high caliber digital
marketing expert?

If so, you belong with us.

Does the idea of helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals with the power of our cutting-edge digital solutions motivate you?

We are a North American company headquartered in Montreal. We are growing rapidly thanks to the excellence of our services, our bold innovations and the great energy of our team!

With us, an expert in digital solutions consulting for businesses makes an average of $135,000 per year after only 2 and a half years with our team and having acquired 1 to 2 years of sales experience beforehand. And your income is exponentially cumulative, meaning that after 5 years you can double your income and make $270,000 a year and so on. It is understood that these figures are only indicative, because a person with more experience in sales can do better than these figures or the opposite a person who puts a slower pace in sales can do a little less. However, if you are highly motivated and want to make up to 1 million in revenue per year with us, it is possible with our unique commission plans in the digital marketing market. The only limit to your growth at Publissoft is yours to determine.

You doubt your knowledge in the fascinating field of digital marketing?

Don’t worry, we have training plans with documentation that is very accessible to everyone and a sales method that is already well established so that you can be autonomous very quickly and after 2 weeks you can make your first sales. You will also have access to web experts who have more than 20 years of experience so you will be very well accompanied. In addition, you will have access to a large number of free world-class software licenses as well as courses on digital marketing offered by the best North American universities.

Regardless of the horizon you arrive at, the important thing is that you enjoy serving your clients in order to give them a maximum return on their investment in terms of customer service. Our in-house teams handle 100% of the IT side of client projects. This means you don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to be part of our team. All you need is a great motivation to constantly learn about the evolution of the web and always strive to reach new heights in digital business consulting!

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Who are our potential customers?

  • Over 1 million businesses in Canada!
  • More than 30 million companies in the United States!
  • More than 22 million companies in Europe!
  • More than 27 million businesses in Latin America!

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you like to advise your clients to make a real impact on their business and offer them excellent after-sales service? Do you want to be part of the bright future reserved for those who know how to adapt to the digital revolution? Send us your resume without delay.

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    Publissoft is an equitable and inclusive company!

    publissoft inclusive

    At Publissoft, there is no salary disparity between men and women. Every member of our team has the same opportunities for growth regardless of any difference.
    We have software suppliers in Europe, Asia, and America, because we want to work with the best in order to offer the best quality/price service to our clients.

    We know that the main issue in the information age is to have access to the best information available, which is why we work with teams from all over the world.

    Like most of the world-class web companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.) offering high quality services to local businesses, we have highly qualified employees outside of North America, partly because of the significant labor shortage we experience locally. Not only has this allowed us to offer a better service to our clients, as we have been offering much more working time to hundreds of client companies for years. But in addition, by working with us, talented people with university degrees who were not employed have a very well paid job in the comfort of their own home.

    In this sense we contribute together to the equity of employment opportunities and human dignity.

    To be a client of Publissoft is to be a winner at all levels:

    • Because we have the most competitive prices in the market.
    • We offer many more hours to our clients’ projects to ensure excellence in results. Since there is no business where the investment in time is not a guarantee of success. And the IT related to digital marketing is no exception.
    • Our staff has access to the same equity of knowledge and training platforms as Google employees such as which has thousands of courses and constantly evolving and focused on digital marketing among others and offered by internationally renowned teachers.

    The word computer science comes from the combination of the word information and mathematics, therefore, whether it is your software engineer neighbor or one of our software engineers in Latin America who works on your project, the important thing is the talent and knowledge of the person to ensure the success of your project, since mathematics is universal.