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Google My Business Management

Ready to boost your company’s visibility online? With our Google My Business management, take your local presence to the next level.
to the next level. Experience the ease, visibility and control you need to stand out in local search results.
Join us and make your business shine on Google My Business today!
Creating positive impacts with you

Your business deserves a reliable Google My Business management that keeps it visible without interruptions.

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Did you know that searches for nearby activities increased by more than 900% in two years, according to Think with Google? With Google My Business, your business can stand out in local results and attract customers in real time.
Think with Google, 2018

Success stories

Through customized strategies, we increase local visibility and improve our clients’ online reputation. Discover how our Google My Business Management service can boost your business’ online presence.

Sébastien la brie

Sebastien Labrie’s company is dedicated to supporting clients in buying, investing and selling real estate. This client has recorded, over the last 3 months, a 17.8% increase in the number of people viewing his profile, as well as a 16.7% increase in clicks to his website, reflecting the positive impact of our digital strategy.

Groupe Papineau Danis

This company has more than 18 years of experience in the real estate sector. During the period of time that they have worked alongside our team, Google searches for their company have increased by 52%. Moreover, the total number of people who have viewed the company’s profile on different platforms amounts to 2,261.

Cam & Roro

This company has expert dog and cat stylists, and alongside Publissoft, it has experienced extraordinary growth in its digital presence in recent months. Our actions have resulted in an impressive 308.8% increase in the number of people who have viewed the company’s profile. Additionally, we have managed to generate a significant increase in audience searches.

"My company is like an island on Google Maps; no one can find it and I'm losing potential customers."

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Navigating to success on Google My Business

Make your business stand out on Google Maps and attract more customers

Why is it important to have a Google My Business listing?

Optimizing your presence on Google My Business is essential to stand out in local search results and attract new customers. At Publissoft, we specialize in managing this platform, ensuring that your listing is fully optimized and your business stands out in the local market.

How can I optimize my listing on Google My Business?

It is essential that you complete all the information fields, add high quality photos, manage and respond to customer reviews, among other key aspects. We specialize in optimizing these listings, ensuring that your business stands out and attracts the audience.

What are the benefits of using Google My Business?

By using Google My Business, you gain access to a powerful tool that allows you to boost your company’s digital presence and connect with potential customers. With us you can make the most of this platform and achieve your business goals.

How can I respond to customer reviews on Google My Business?

To respond to customer reviews on Google My Business, show your appreciation for the positive comments. If you want other recommendations, at Publissoft, we can help you effectively manage reviews and maintain a positive image for your business.

Do you want to know how Google sees your website?


    Increase online visibility
    It will allow your company to appear in Google search results and Google Maps, which will increase your online visibility.
    Help customers find you
    With a Google My Business profile, customers can easily find your business location, hours of operation and contact details.
    Improve your brand image
    A Google My Business profile allows you to showcase your company’s brand, including logo, photos and videos.
    Interact with customers
    Customers can leave reviews, ask questions and view answers to frequently asked questions on your Google My Business profile. You can also respond to customer reviews and questions, which improves customer interaction.
    Provide important information about your business
    A Google My Business profile allows you to display important information about your business, such as the products and services you offer, opening hours, location and contact details.
    Local SEO help
    By optimizing your Google My Business profile, you can improve your ranking in local search results, which increases the visibility of your business online.

    Service details

    Discover how our Google My Business Management service can boost your business’ online presence. Through customized strategies, we increase local visibility and improve our clients’ online reputation.

    QR Code Creation

    Add Google's best reviews on the website

    Implementation of a management system for obtaining reviews

    Google My Business Optimization

    Customer's Google My Business support

    Customer Google My Business support

    What our customers say…

    • Lauren Nagel

      Lauren Nagel

      My account manager stopped responding to my emails before the project was finished.

    • Tatiana Vera-Lescano

      Tatiana Vera-Lescano

      I am Tatiana, the proud owner of Physiobalance Clinic, and I have been working with Publissoft as my SEO and web programming provider since 2015. The SEO services that Publissoft provides for all three of my physiotherapy clinics have been outstanding, resulting in increased website traffic and patient inquiries. In fact, Publissoft has brought my website over 30,000 highly potential customer visits each year, which has made a significant impact on my business. I am also incredibly impressed with the excellent service I have received from the Publissoft team. They have been professional, responsive, and always attentive to my business needs. I highly recommend Publissoft to anyone looking for exceptional SEO and web programming services.

    • Alessandro Campioli

      Alessandro Campioli

      I am delighted to recommend Publissoft for their excellent digital marketing services. For the past three years, they have been very responsive to my needs and have provided customized solutions for my business. Their expertise in SEO, online advertising and content creation has helped improve our online presence and increase our conversion rate. I am very pleased with their work and highly recommend Publissoft to any business looking to improve their digital marketing.

    • Simon Fortin

      Simon Fortin

      It's not easy to find a good SEO company because many people get scammed but when a friend who has a business told me about Publissoft and who was using it with great results (and I saw the proof myself) I immediately contacted Jeremie who became my project manager at Publissoft.

    • Marrie-Eve Larente

      Marrie-Eve Larente

      With the Pubblisoft team, I started from a site that was not really well referenced to the first page of professional photographers. We agree that photography is a big market. I am between the 4th and 8th position depending on the location of the person. It's pretty crazy the work they were able to do in so few months! I recommend them to everyone!

    • Johanne Villeneuve

      Johanne Villeneuve

      We have been using the services of Publissoft since January 2018. An efficient and very accessible service. I have only good words for this company. They created a colorful web page for us according to our needs/criteria. Thanks to you Antonio and your team!

    • Jean-Denis Neron

      Jean-Denis Neron

      A fast, efficient and personalized service. Thank you to the Publissoft team for your ideas and your professionalism.

    • Karine Mathieu

      Karine Mathieu

      I have been working with the Publissoft team for a while now and I can say that the feedback is fast and the staff is super friendly. Good service and professional people. I recommend them without hesitation.

    • Paul Curelea

      Paul Curelea

      We chose Publisoft to redesign our website and we are very happy with the result. They were very quick to understand our targets, the aesthetic adjustments and all the follow-ups. Thank you Antonio and all the Publisoft team

    • Alfonso Andrade

      Alfonso Andrade

      Publissoft advocates by example. A real SEO company that offers tangible results. Its SEO services have placed our company on the first page in a few months and its personalized service is excellent. Thank you, Publissoft! Aldus Translations Solutions Inc.

    • Inc Inveska

      Inc Inveska

      Excellent service! Very efficient and professional!

    • Julie Gaudreau

      Julie Gaudreau

      Quick and very professional service from Jérémie Mombleau, for the development of my new website.

    • Christelle Serei

      Christelle Serei

      Working with Plublissoft is a real pleasure! The results are indeed present and they take the time with us!

    • Cathy


      Quality service. Competent team that always listens. This agency meets my expectations. I highly recommend it.

    • Benjamin Doucet

      Benjamin Doucet

      As a college, we redesigned our website in 2018. Using Publissoft was truly the best investment to increase our user base. We asked Antonio and his team to focus on organic SEO, the results are mind-blowing in terms of increased traffic. Surely one of the best SEO agencies in Montreal.

    • Michel Fioramore

      Michel Fioramore

      It's not enough to have a beautiful website, you have to know how to advertise it. Publisoft's professional services allow us to reach our goals. Thank you Antonio and thank you to the Publisoft team.

    • Maude Corsi

      Maude Corsi

      Great service! The Publissoft team is efficient and attentive to our needs. We always get quick and quality answers. It's a pleasure to work with you!

    • Pascal


      Great team, very responsive and always ready to listen to our ideas. Exceeds expectations on many points.

    • Chrystian Bergeron

      Chrystian Bergeron

      For almost 2 years now with Publissoft, everything is on the right track! A big thank you to Jeremie and his team for their great work. With them, as soon as you ask, it is done and there is no need to put pressure on them, anyway I would not even have the time, they are too fast! Do not let go Publissoft you do a superb job! I wish you all the best.

    • Karine Pépin Samuelson

      Karine Pépin Samuelson

      Since Publissoft has been taking care of our Web needs, our site has been propelled to another level of performance! Always listening to our needs and with vision! A precious collaboration! Congratulations to this superb team!

    • Placement Parfait

      Placement Parfait

      Thank you for your good work! You always listen to our needs, it is thanks to people like you who accompany us in our success that we go far!

    • Jérôme Gariépy

      Jérôme Gariépy

      I was looking for SEO/Web Marketing/Web Design services on a popular site and when I placed an ad on it I was immediately contacted by Jérémie from Publissoft.

    FAQs about Google My Business

    If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you!
    At Publissoft, we offer specialized services to manage your Google My Business profile. Optimize information, upload quality photos, manage reviews and publish updates to improve the visibility and success of your business online. Trust us to boost your presence on the platform and achieve your business goals.
    Google My Business es una plataforma que permite a las empresas gestionar su presencia en Google, incluyendo la información de la empresa en Google Maps y los resultados de búsqueda locales. Es fundamental para que tu empresa sea visible en línea y para que los clientes encuentren información clave, como la dirección, el número de teléfono y las reseñas.
    When you need to migrate your Google My Business profile it is crucial to ensure that the process is quick and smooth. At Publissoft, we provide you with a specialized service in this area, we take care of updating all the relevant information and manage any necessary verification by Google.
    Google My Business is a platform that allows businesses to manage their presence on Google, including company information on Google Maps and local search results. It is essential for your company to be visible online and for customers to find key information, such as address, phone number, and reviews.
    You can access help and resources from the Google My Business community at any time. Google offers email and live chat support during standard business hours. If you need additional help, Publissoft is here to provide technical support and assistance with your Google My Business profile.
    My company’s information on Google My Business or if I exceed the update limits?
This can be done for free, however, frequent changes may not be reflected immediately due to verification processes. At Publissoft, we are here to support you and ensure that your information is always up to date and accurate.

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