In order for your brand to be positioned in the best way on the web, Publissoft offers you different on-site SEO strategies. However, what exactly is this? How does it benefit brands, companies or entrepreneurships when it comes to promoting products/services?

In this post we will tell you all that and more. With our on-site SEO tips, your company will undoubtedly be better positioned in search engines. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is on-site SEO?

To improve the position of a site in the organic results of Google or other search engines, the ON-SITE part must never be neglected. On the contrary, the internal elements must be optimized, so that Google’s robots can easily index them.

A very practical definition of on-site SEO can be summarized as follows: it is the most technical part of SEO and covers the entire internal process to improve web positioning. This is where it comes in:

  • Code level changes.
  • Keyword search and query.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Creation of strategies to maintain the good health of the site.
  • Use of a web content management system (CMS).

How it will help you in the web positioning?

At Publissoft we offer different services that will position your website in an optimal and effective way. Among them are:

Creation of metatags

If you want Google to find your content quickly, it is important to create a title and a short summary (meta-description) that informs robots and users about the purpose of the site. Here it is important to use tools such as SEMrush for keyword research.

Construction and overhaul of URL structures

In order for Google bots to determine that your site is relevant, it is essential to optimize the URLs, it is important to optimize the URLs. It is important to emphasize that URLs should not be long and must always include a keyword to gain authority on the web.

Attribute placement in graphic elements

On many occasions, images or other graphic elements do not load properly. In view of this, a fundamental technique is to add a small description with the keyword to be positioned.

Headings or structuring of content titles

If you want your website to be correctly positioned, it is essential that it has a balanced and coherent title structure.

To do this, an SEO expert will divide the content titles into H1, H2, H3…, as appropriate.

Review of structure and internal links

Google’s algorithm is in charge of analyzing each website. With this in mind, our on-site SEO experts will create strategies to make internal linking convenient and effective. Furthermore, with these strategies, your website will appear in the first search results.

Is it necessary to consult on-site SEO specialists?

An on-site SEO specialist, as we have mentioned, is in charge of positioning a website from the site itself. That said, the functions that has to achieve this are:

Develop strategies and techniques to make the site accessible to search engines.

Make comparisons to determine indexing problems.

Determine the architecture of the website, so that the user experience improves.

Perform a Web Performance, so that Google does not penalize your site because of the loading times.

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