Loading speed is essential for a website to rank better in Google’s organic results. Moreover, as of 2021, the company has shown greater concern for the loading times of websites.
Therefore, at Publissoft we provide tools and strategies for our clients’ pages to be properly optimized. Do you want to know how? In this section we tell you all the details…
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What is page speed optimization?

Did you know that 200 milliseconds are the optimal time it takes our brain to process the information coming through our pupils? Basically, it all comes down to 0.2 seconds. That said, a web page that loads its content at this speed will give us the impression of immediacy. That’s what you’re looking for when you optimize the speed of a page!
So what is speed optimization? Basically, it is the development of strategies to reduce the time it takes to download information from a website, from the hosting servers to the user’s browser. In a few words: it is the reduction of the time it takes from the click to the appearance of the content.

Now, there are 3 very important factors to understand speed optimization and its relationship to user experience:



Loading time

Here the user’s perspective and the process of downloading the HTML content has a great influence.


Browser response

Depending on the browser, so will be the loading times.


End-user view

By considering the initial load time with the browser response, the user will determine whether the web page is slow or in good condition.

What is acceptable web design?

In our world of immediacy, any load slower than 400 milliseconds can already be considered an essential failure. Speed sells, the numbers have shown that the shorter the waiting time, the more profit for entrepreneurs. Therefore, a website should take, at most, 4 seconds to display content.

Recent studies have shown that 1 out of 4 users leave web pages if they take more than 4 seconds to load the information. Many of them do not return, which translates into loss of prestige for the site and monetary losses.

In short, time is money, especially on the Internet, where everything moves at the speed of a blink of an eye. Therefore, there is no doubt that it has occupied every space of humanity.


Improve the speed of your website with us!

At Publissoft we are aware that a properly optimized site will generate more profits for companies. In addition, it will improve the user experience and will allow Google robots to classify it as a valuable website. For this reason, our on-site SEO experts are constantly working to ensure that the websites are in perfect condition.

To optimize your site, we will:

  • Analyze the speed of the website with tools such as PageSpeed Insights (from Google) and others, to achieve a holistic view of the content.
  • Encrypt the site using HTTPS protocol.
  • Detect errors and improve hosting performance.
  • Determine issues to improve user experience (with the help of Google Analytic).
  • Optimize mobile conversion.
  • Perform a general analysis of the site to determine which links generate cache.
  • Redesign multimedia content, if necessary.
  • And much more.

We are Publissoft, experts in digital marketing and SEO positioning:
it will be our pleasure to help you succeed.

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