Questions to ask yourself before contacting a Montreal web agency

Technology and digitalization continue to advance and many companies are realizing that they cannot afford to be left behind, that adapting to new digital marketing techniques can be decisive for the profitability of their business. However, the digital marketing industry is very large and divided into many areas, so studying and understanding it means an excessive amount of work and time.

If your area of expertise is not marketing, there is no point in investing time and resources in training in that area, you can simply dedicate yourself to your line of business and rely on the services of a web agency in Montreal.

Web agencies offer services of hosting providers, web design and positioning, and, of course, digital marketing. The goal of these agencies is to help you retain your existing client base and attract new ones. Before contacting a web agency, you should keep in mind the following details:

Your goals

Remember that, when you hire a web agency, you will be making an investment from which you will expect a return, so you should be as organized as possible. Your goals must be measurable in order to have control of your investment; for example, you can consider receiving five times more visits to your company’s website after a month of implementing your new marketing strategy, or publishing two new articles each month in order to attract your customers, among others.

Your objectives

Obviously, the objective of every entrepreneur is to make a profit, but you must be more specific about what you want to achieve. For example, you can set yourself the objective of positioning yourself as the best company in your field in Montreal, or expand your company in the international market.

The budget

Since this is an investment, you must be realistic with your budget. If your business is small, you can start with a basic plan in a web agency, for example, you can opt for a shared hosting service and a small SEO plan that includes the generation of content; as your profitability increases, you can invest more, depending on the needs that your company experiences in its expansion process.

Do you prefer a web agency in Montreal, which knows the market, or a global agency?

At this point, you must consider several aspects, and the first of them is immediacy. A web agency in Montreal will allow you to establish contact with it to answer all your requests, you will be able to have regular meetings to discuss the progress of your projects or to discuss the approach of the strategies.

The second aspect is price. To decide which company suits you under this term, you can ask for a quote. If you have doubts regarding the information provided, ask for answers until you are sure of every detail.

The third aspect is the knowledge that a marketing agency may have about the local market conditions. No doubt there are global companies that have highly informed, trained and experienced staff, but you must ensure that the global company you are consulting belongs to this type.

On the other hand, a web marketing company in Montreal, being on its own ground, knows the needs in each market niche, and has the ability to adapt its strategy at any time.

Do you want to increase your sales or network?

Networking is very important for companies, and it may be that your objective at the moment is not precisely to increase your sales, but to create relationships with other entrepreneurs to later form an expansion strategy, a kind of partnership; it may also be that your objective is to create a campaign of expectation for the future launch of a new product… Depending on what you want, this will be the marketing strategy to implement.

Some recommendations for choosing a Montreal web agency

  • The team: Find out if the team members who will be in charge of your project are specialists in their area (web writers, mobile platform developers, programmers, web designers, among others).
  • Look at their clients: if a team has managed to gain the trust of prestigious companies, it is a sign of their good work.
  • The methodology: from the beginning, ask them to explain their way of working, that way you will know how each part of the project is managed.
  • Similar projects: find out if the company you wish to hire has worked on similar projects to yours. If the answer is yes, ask how the results have been.
  • The trajectory: in this section I do not only refer to the company, but also to the professionals that make up the team. Nowadays, many newly created online marketing agencies are run by professionals with extensive experience in different areas of communication and marketing, which is a plus because they put at your disposal a wealth of extraordinary knowledge.

Trust, seriousness and empathy: this is perhaps one of the most important points. Does the team generate trust? Is communication easy? Do you feel listened to and do they respond with interesting ideas or proposals? If so, congratulations! That is the company you need.