Google Robots

A web robot is a set of source code lines written in a programming language or several programming languages in order to execute specific actions.

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Google uses a large number of these robots to recurrently analyze your website at specific intervals of time to determine all its characteristics in order to grant positions in Google search results for your keywords and those of your competitors as well as all the billions of keywords of websites worldwide. The work of Publissoft’s search engine optimization experts consists of working constantly to make your website as relevant as possible to the artificial intelligence that analyzes it.

Each Google crawler accesses your website for specific purposes and at a varying frequency. Google uses algorithms to determine the optimal crawl speed for your site. If a Google crawler crawls your site too often, we can reduce the crawl speed to what is best for your business.

Therefore, we can say that the only constant on the web is change since Google constantly modifies its algorithms (more than 3000 modifications per year) and at the same time your competitors modify their websites to make them more efficient. Consequently, you must entrust your company’s website to a team of real SEO experts. Many companies claim to be experts in SEO, but when you analyze the positions of important keywords for their clients it is very easy to see that they are only amateurs and that instead of helping their clients they are hurting them in a big way, since a poor presence on the Internet nowadays is extremely costly. We thank you for your trust in us to make a complete analysis of the value of your website’s Internet presence.

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It is fundamental to know exactly where the positioning of the important keywords of your business website is. There are many reasons for this. Not only is your website very often your best salesperson available 24/7, but it is most of the time the first contact your potential customers will have with your business. So, it’s essential that your presence is up to par. The experience of potential customers visiting your website should be very positive. This experience must leave the impression in the mind of your potential customer that it is your company that can solve the problem that led them to seek your products or services.

Whether your dream is to conquer a local market or you have decided to conquer the planet with your products or services we are the partner you need for the short, medium and long term for your business.

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Google is busy improving its increasingly complex robots (algorithms) every day. Publissoft works with human beings to understand these improvements and apply them to your website. Thousands of technical knowledge are needed for the proper functioning of your SEO. Google was created by programmers and the same goes for the other big web platforms. This means that only a team of excellent programmers can do this optimization work. We are dozens and soon hundreds of programmers at your service.

We are the partner you need for the short, medium and long term. We listen to your needs constantly in order to be the ambassadors representing your company in an optimal way on the web.
Video of Google showing how they index billions of web pages (English content):