Does Google mean anything to you?

Most likely. And there’s a reason behind it.

If Google is such a well-known company, it is because it is necessary to ensure that you do not drown in an endless ocean of information. More than once a day, Google ads a new formula to its algorithm to refine its data sorting and classification technique.

Thus, SEO is the art of optimizing the position of a platform on the web by knowing how to adapt it to the evolution of the search engine.

87% of SME’s operate with an inefficient SEO

What do they lack?

  • Appearing in most mobile application searches.

  • 70% of your potential organic customers.

  • Pulissoft is an alternative to “pay per click” and to the advertising referencing that lets you down as soon as you stop paying.


Don’t miss anything the web has to offer!

Sites also use word of mouth

Nowadays people are looking for answers from specialists in their field and the chances of you knowing it all are rather – low. However, your company is responding to your customers’ precise needs and they would like to receive the right answer.

Editorial links
Editorial links are anchor points that are found in your website’s content, which help people quickly understand what your content is all about, namely the various titles and subtitles contained in your site.

Highlighting them may seem pretty obvious, but the science behind their composition and their association with keywords could make the task more complex for you. Which exact answers are your customers looking for and which words have to be used to respond accurately?

It is the set of links that lead to your website. They are created on platforms that are external to yours and, therefore, they use your site as a reference. In SEO language, netbuilding becomes a content authority that establishes you as a trusted source for your users.

There are digital marketing campaigns aimed at the natural generation of such links. Ask your SEO experts about the techniques they use to launch your website at the highest levels of search results.

Draw the “crawler’s” attention

What would be the use of a web without a spider exploring what’s in it? In the case of Google, the analogy would be a huge army of digital spider-robots that “comb” the Internet down to the smallest detail to locate keywords and content.


Those robots, also known as “crawlers”, extract, classify, organize and sort the entire website according to what they consider most relevant to the user’s average search.

Content creators have several methods to find the right wording of their texts so that Google robots can read them more easily. However, if your content creators don’t have the necessary training, you can entrust your content to your SEO Publissoft agency, which has the knowledge that is required to create your website texts in the most professional fashion.

Optimization of your SEO locally or internationally, which includes all the technical work necessary to complete the algorithm that guides “the search robots”.

  • Respecting the W3C programming rules. Our SEO is performed with the utmost integrity and is accepted by Google as an ethical cyber process.
  • Optimal download speed for computer and mobile devices.
  • Respecting the rules at the HTML programming level. Example: Meta tags (description, keywords (H1, H2…), etc.).
  • Unique texts.




Allow your website to be understandable in the eyes of “crawlers”.
We create expertly crafted content for your website so that Google “crawlers” can read it more easily. Become visible for all searches that could potentially become customers.


Create bonds of trust between those who look for you and your site and gain prestige.
If no one shares your content, there must be a reason. That’s why we make sure you are seen at the right time and in the right place to effectively attract your target customers.


Build your authority and attract more natural growth.
Our campaigns naturally increase the popularity of your content. The more online interactions you create between your customers, the more interesting your position becomes.