Google makes about 500 changes per year its search algorithm, with the aim of constantly improving the relevance of the search results for any Internet user. This is more than one change per day on average.

This is why it is important to do business with real web experts so that your company is also constantly considered and given an advantage in its positioning in the midst of all these changes.

But what is SEO?

In fact a web site has a number of web addresses because it contains several pages with several services. Each address is like a freeway and once each of these addresses is properly indexed in Google’s servers. The next step will be to point out benchmarks to the Google optimization robots that will visit your website to give it a positioning in the search results based on the content present on your site.

SEO therefore generally consists of giving benchmarks to Google’s computer programs (robots of optimization) or other search engines on what is relevant on your website.

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