Social networks have forever changed the way we communicate. Distances were shortened, a new way of understanding the world was born, and they made it possible for companies to make their brands visible on an unprecedented scale.

At Publissoft we know the importance of social media management to position products/services on the web. Therefore, we have decided to tell you more about it, so you can invest thinking about your future.

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What is social network management?

To manage social networks, as its name suggests, is to use tools, methods and knowledge to generate quality content. This seeks to position a company in social networks of interest.

But it is not just about positioning. On the contrary, it ranges from approaching potential customers to developing a brand identity to connect with a target audience.

In short, it is a 3-phase process:


Create a community of users on the web.


Manage the company’s brand identity.


Dynamize the space.

How does it work?

Several platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, allow you to create pages or profiles exclusively for companies. Unlike conventional accounts, these profiles make it easier to:

  • Find a target audience.
  • Build online relationships.
  • Improve your brand’s profitability.
  • Reach numerous customers in a specific area.

In this way, companies are able to position themselves successfully on the web. In addition, they empathize with their potential customers while multiplying their revenues.

Gestión redes sociales

Why is it necessary to manage social networks?

As we have mentioned, managing social networks is of vital importance to improve the perception of a brand in a specific audience. That said, we consider it essential to talk about social media managers.

These professionals are in charge of the communication between users and the brand, through the different platforms. The job as a manager is not only to keep the platform updated, but also to create, manage and dynamize the web community.

Now, in order for the management to be successful, it is important:

  • Understand your target audience from the beginning.
  • Analyze very well what type of content is appropriate for the user experience to be interesting.
  • Improve your brand’s profitability.
  • Know your motive for interacting with people (this will determine which social network will be most useful to you).

Facebook and Instagram?

Today, the social networks par excellence are Facebook and Instagram. It is almost impossible to find someone who does not have an account and who, day after day, does not interact with memes, posts and stories.

This new reality is beneficial when we seek to position a brand, company or entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about what these platforms offer.

Gestion de redes sociales 2


This social network is multifaceted, that is, it provides many tools focused on achieving the objectives you consider essential for your company. Of course, in order to obtain results, it is necessary to keep the web space updated. But, with dedication, you will easily reach a wider audience.

The advantages of Facebook are:

  • It allows the recognition of your brand.
  • Increases sales.
  • Promote your business to a local audience.


One of the biggest attractions of Instagram is its wide range of tools for editing photographs. However, in terms of proposals for companies and brands, this social network is one of the most profitable in the market.

According to the company’s official figures, 50% of its users are more interested in a brand when they discover it on Instagram. This data is relevant, knowing that one of the fundamental values of the platform is collaboration and not business competition.

The advantages of Instagram are:

  • You will be able to join millions of companies that interact directly with users.
  • The stories, publications and live will allow a better positioning of your brand.
  • You will make members of Instagram communities become your potential customers.

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