Broaden your company’s horizon and build new relationships with potential customers over the phone. At Publissoft, in addition to being experts in SEO and web marketing, we are also the best telemarketing agency in Montreal. With us, your sales will grow and you will be able to establish lasting alliances with your partners and customers.

Who says telemarketing is dead?!

Our outstanding telemarketing services

By hiring us, your company will benefit with:

Analysis and research of your business niche and competition.
Precise study of your target audience.
Complete management and follow-up of your clients and partners.
Planning and constant evaluation of call strategies.
Fast and effective telemarketing metrics and appointments.
Accurate study of your target audience.
Personalized telesales.

What characterizes Publissoft telemarketing?

As a telemarketing company, unlike the competition, we distinguish ourselves by:

Empathetic and qualified telemarketing agents who will handle all types of calls.

Comprehensive telemarketing approach. We will connect your company with more customers every day.

Direct communication. We care about your business and strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

Extensive experience. We are backed by dozens of clients who have benefited from our services.

Affordable prices and plans tailored to your business needs.

Generation of clients and partners.

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Rely on us. Your customers and associates are in good hands

Publissoft’s telemarketing agents will promote your sales like never before. No matter if you run an entrepreneurship or a large company, our telephone call team will facilitate your business relationships and create new links with different customers and partners for your benefit.

Therefore, if you are looking to enter the fierce telemarketing market, we are your best alternative! Thanks to our services, you will be able to get pre-qualified clients and obtain higher investments. In addition, we work with different commercial sectors, from restaurants, industries, clinics and other businesses.

The human touch your company needs

While digital marketing, paid ads or social media advertising is effective, it all comes down to the virtual. Besides, achieving real sales in digital media can be a long and exhausting process. Nevertheless, telemarketing still retains its interactive essence that allows for genuine commercial exchanges.

For this reason, our telemarketing team is trained to give warm and assertive attention. Publissoft’s call center is known for listening and providing practical solutions. Our telemarketers are not irritating robots. Quite the contrary! They are flexible professionals and they will know how to grab many potential customers so that they become your allies.


Contact us!

If you want to learn more about our telemarketing services in Montreal, Canada and other regions, please contact us! We will be happy to listen to you in order to design the perfect telemarketing plan for your business.