Show them all the facets of your products!

Send us the videos made with your smartphone, we will edit
them professionally and you will benefit from the power of
and video search engines such as YouTube

Look at the example: compare the photo with the video



vidéo mobile

A video is easily shared from one device to another,
including smartphones, so many more people will see your

bande vidéo

It is much more effective to show all angles of your
products than just photos. A video is composed of thousands of photos.


You will benefit from the distribution of your products on YouTube, which is the second most powerful search engine in the world after Google.

panier d'achat

With these videos you can do media buying on YouTube
and offer thousands of people locally or globally the most important products for your company.

connecter aux utilisateurs

Dramatically increase the amount of time potential
customers spend viewing your products through your website.



Do not use filters, always show your real product


Take advantage of the light, use daylight for best results.


Use a plain background, preferably white, so your product will stand out.


Show the complete product for the customer to see all the detail.


Do not use zoom, as using it may affect the quality of your video.


Avoid backlit shots of your products.


Shoot with the highest resolution possible.


Record several takes, so you have options to choose the best one


Avoid blurry shots, be sure to adjust the focus of your cell phone camera.


Pay attention to detail, clean your product, your background and remove anything that should not be in the shot before you start.

Video sequences that you can record:


1. From right to left:

Take the shot from the right side angle of your product, through the front angle, to the left side angle. Try to keep your cell phone at the same height so that you have a stable and neat shot.

image 2

2. From left to right:

As in the previous shot, you can also take it from left to right, starting from the left side angle of your product, passing through the front angle, until you reach the right side angle. You should also keep your cell phone at the same height to get a good video capture.

Capture angles you can use:

There are a variety of types of angles for video shots. Among the ones we recommend that you use are the normal and high view.