Trends in digital marketing by 2020

The end of the year is very close and 2020 awaits us full of great challenges in areas such as marketing and digital design. If you have not yet planned the digital marketing strategy that you will implement in your company, you still have time to study the main trends for next year and take your creativity and innovation to the limit.

For your marketing strategy to take a holistic approach, it must consider a mix of media and content, ranging from web and social networking to experiential marketing. In order to help you project the best marketing strategy for your company, here are the main trends in digital marketing for 2020.

Context marketing

To begin with, we all know that generating quality content and getting it to users is one of the most important strategies to achieve good positioning on the web and attract large numbers of potential customers. Now, the trend for 2020 is to keep the marketing of content but in a more personalized way, focused on the context of the customers you want to reach. You may be wondering how you are going to achieve this, you are simply going to carry out more precise analyses of the tastes or needs of the audience you want to reach, and in order to do so you will have to use the tools that technology makes available to you, for example, the information published on social networks about the preferences of users, their searches or their opinions.

Context marketing is the ability to deliver the right content and experience to the right person based on the sum total of previous brand interactions and that person’s current needs. It goes beyond content marketing, which offers educational, useful and relevant information.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a type of online advertising that uses the latest data analytics technologies -big data machine learning, fundamentally- to segment the audience and direct the advertisements in the available spaces of the digital media. Programmatic advertising allows the purchase of advertising space almost without involving people in the process, which maximizes the return on investment in advertising and minimizes the time needed to execute the marketing strategy.

Each time a user accepts cookies within a website, it automatically accepts that certain navigation parameters are recorded, which are used by programmatic algorithm technology and combines them with marketing strategies to deliver advertising that responds to the tastes, desires and needs of each user. In other words, when a company makes use of programmatic advertising, it knows that it will reach the target audience directly.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the use of audiovisual content as the main element to achieve the promotional and communicational goals of brands. Predictions from digital marketing experts ensure that by 2020 video marketing will cover 75% of Internet user traffic.

For the video sharing strategy to work better, it will be necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition and integrate YouTube with other online channels that your company uses, such as social networks, blogs, websites, etc., because the optimal distribution of content is a decisive factor in video marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing, as part of a company’s strategy, consists of combining the actions and objectives of digital marketing planned for various online channels, so that they reach directly and quickly for each of its users on the network.

The SMM represents a perfect opportunity for companies to strengthen the emotional bond with their customers and boost their sales, in addition, social networks have very striking tools, for example, Facebook allows you to publish ads with augmented reality, which provide meaningful experiences to customers, there is also the video platform of Instagram, the network with more daily interactions.

As you know, the internet and technology have kept people hyper-connected, so digital marketing is a huge opportunity for companies to strengthen their brand and multiply their business opportunities, so don’t wait any longer and design the strategy you will use in your company.