To improve the health of your website, it is necessary to periodically perform an SEO audit. At Publissoft, our professionals are trained to perform a detailed analysis of your site. In this way, they will be able to develop strategies and improve your positioning in Google’s organic results.

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What is an SEO audit?

To make the user experience more pleasant and valuable, it is important to review our web domain. In other words: we must execute a process to identify the problems that reduce the organic traffic on our site.

Therefore, at Publissoft we are looking for the following:

  • Create new SEO strategies.
  • Avoid the drop in organic traffic.
  • Keep things simple, but properly optimized.

To achieve this, our on-site SEO team is updating its knowledge every day. It also provides auditing tools such as SEMrush and Google Search Console, among others.

How does it benefit your website?

For your website to continue to have authority in search engines, it is essential to perform a web analysis audit. In the on-site SEO department, we take care of:

  • Compare your content with the first results of Google to create strategies to improve your positioning.
  • Check that redirects are executed correctly.
  • Discover toxic links and remove them.
  • Detect duplicate content.
  • Identify pages with low quality content.
  • Clean sitemap files of unwanted URLs.
  • Repair all broken internal links (the famous 404 error, for example).
  • Fix orphan URLs, without proper indexing.
  • And much more…

How long does it take to perform an SEO audit?

SEO processes take time, since their function is to optimize websites to obtain favorable results. The same goes for SEO audits, which can take up to 30 days, depending on the depth of the analysis.

That said, at Publissoft, we make a monthly report for you to observe the progress we are making. In the same way, we look for a correct communication, so that your brand identity is reinforced and better positioned on the web.

In addition, we provide you with short, medium and long term strategies to help your site rise in search engine rankings. Finally, we provide a detailed report on the SEO page audit, so you can discover the weaknesses and strengths of your brand, company or entrepreneurship.

Optimize your site’s performance with us.

If you want an SEO site audit, this is your chance. At Publissoft we will help your web analytics audit to be successful. With highly trained staff, experience and passion for our work, we will develop strategies that fit your business goals.

Our SEO packages are designed for everyone who has difficulties positioning their website. Therefore, if your desire is to succeed, we will provide you with the tools you need. In addition, we will study your website in depth, to determine how we can improve it and, consequently, multiply your investment.

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